meet our founders



Meet Kim: Queen of Playlists

Kim achieved her degree in Journalism, where she mastered modules on marketing, writing, media, publishing, law and ethics.

Having already grown a substantial following on her own social media accounts, Kim quickly landed a full time job as social media manager at a marketing firm.

During this time, Kim also continued to work on expanding her own social media accounts even further, accumulating millions of followers over a short period of time. Kim was quickly able to leave her full time job to focus on freelance influencer marketing, working with many large influencers and businesses from around the world. 

Due to her success of growing accounts, Kim had opportunities to work with large brands such as Pretty Little Thing and BooHoo. She was also lucky enough to receive invitations to exclusive events hosted by the likes of Netflix and Comedy Central.

Fun Fact about Kim:

At age 20, Kim moved to a small town in upstate New York, USA to spend a year studying abroad at the State University of New York. She lived in apartment dorms surrounded by American students and got to learn a lot about US culture. She also got to regularly visit New York City and act like a true tourist, even spending New Year’s Eve at time square. To this day, Kim still regularly visits New York City on trips with her friends and family.

Hobbies & Interests:

Kim loves going on adventures and discovering new places, spending time with friends, overplaying the same songs over and over, and binge-watching movies and tv shows on Netflix.



Meet Derry: The Proud Scouser 

Derry attained a degree in Media at university, where she studied in depth marketing practices, media theory, photography and film production.

Directly afterwards, she sought to establish her own photography business, where she began to specialise in Weddings, shooting venues such as ‘Giando on the River’, Brooklyn NY.

Derry worked relentlessly on her own social media and website branding. During this time, she also worked for multiple businesses, gaining over 6 years of experience in social media management, SEO, blog writing, marketing and more. She worked directly with clients to dramatically increase their social media reach and improve their aesthetic. 

Derry also spent three consecutive summers over in Maine, USA, where she enjoyed her time teaching photography, videography, and editing. This location actually turned out to be quite the coincidence if you continue reading…

Fun Fact about Derry:

Derry, Maine is a fictional town where six of Stephen King’s books take place. Derry’s dad is an avid Stephen King fan. After reading one too many of his novels, he decided to do what most normal parents do – name his child after the spot where a murderous clown arises to eat children from time to time. Derry didn’t actually learn this fact until she walked into a bookshop, aged 15, and questioned her mum as to why her name was on the back of so many spooky novels.

Hobbies & Interests:

Derry loves travelling to new places, and has spent many months in America. She loves singing in the shower (and the occasional open mic), chocolate, photography and horror movies – she must have got that from her dad.