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Spookily Effective Halloween Social Media Marketing Tricks

Spooky season is upon us so there’s no better time for us to give you our list of effective Halloween marketing tricks. During the month of October, brands from all over the world compete to market their products for Halloween, so how do you make sure your social media campaigns are ahead of the game?

The following list is filled with tricks (and treats) to help you make sure your halloween social media marketing strategy is up to scratch.

Decorate Your Social Media Profiles

We all remember the childhood thrill of seeing the shops all decorated ready for Halloween. It’s spooky and fun and adds a bit of excitement to your shopping experience. This same type of spooky fun can be applied to your social media accounts.

Add a splash of Halloween to your accounts by temporarily changing your colours scheme or by adding some simple touches such as spiders webs or pumpkins to your logo and header images. Just don’t forget to remove them after spooky season ends (at which point we’ll then be looking forward to Christmas campaigns).

Get Creative With Creepy Content

Visual content such as pictures, videos, and GIFs can grab the attention of your social media audience. Special occasions such as Halloween give you the opportunity to get creative and fun with your visual content. There are several ways you can incorporate some Halloweeny fun to your social media accounts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose a colour scheme or theme and stick with it through October
  • Go crazy with some spooky puns
  • Create some creepy images and incorporate them into your regular content
  • Add fun illustrations to your shots
  • Upload pictures of your team in costume for a more personal touch

Offer a Seasonal Discount

It’s Halloween so your customers may be expecting some special offers (in line with your competitors). This could be in the form of an all-out sale, a small discount on their next order, or a holiday-themed freebie with every purchase in October.

You can easily market your offer on social media with spooky-themed visual content.

Do a Halloween Giveaway

Halloween giveaways can be as big or small as you’d like. You could give away products, discount codes, or services. Giveaways work best if you ask people to react to your content in some way such as liking, sharing, or commenting on your post. This allows more people to see your content and can often lead to new customers discovering your brand.

Think about something your customers will want during the Halloween season and create a giveaway around that.

Host a Photo Contest

One of the best parts of Halloween has to be the dressing up part. Why not embrace this and use it as a part of your marketing strategy? This is a fun way to engage with your customers and your followers.

You can ask your followers to submit their spooky costume pictures, or pictures of their creepy decorations, or maybe even pictures of their scary bakes. Work the contest around the theme of your business and think of something fun that your followers could get involved in. You could even ask them to submit pictures with your products incorporated if that’s possible.

For the best success, create your own hashtag for your contest and ask people to submit their entries via that hashtag. You can set fun rewards for the best pictures or those who get the most likes or shares on their image.

Give Away Some Spooky Information

If you’re not so big on the discounts or dressing up, you could provide some spooky information to your clients or customers instead. The type of advice your give out will depend a lot on the type of business that you’re running.

Below are some examples of informational campaigns that may work:

  • Provide creepy-themed recipes
  • Give tips on your expertise that is Halloween-specific
  • Give out health and safety advice during the Halloween season
  • Talk about some Halloween history or creepy stories
  • Give advice on Halloween costumes or decorations

So there you have it – our list of spookily effective Halloween social media marketing tips. We hope that these tips have been helpful and give you that extra boost of engagement this spooky season.

Did you know that we specialise in creating customised content that’s bespoke to every single client? If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can take your social media content and engagement to the next level, get in touch with us today! Wishing you a super scary Halloween season!